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Configuration settings

Folder’s Web is a utility program to generate static index.html files for websites.

Folder’s Web is written in C#. .NET Framework 4.8 or Mono Project is required to run Folder’s Web.

Description of configuration settings:

  •  rootFolder: path to the root folder to be indexed
  •  baseURL: the base URL to use for generated listings
  •  ignoreFiles: an array of filenames to ignore as part of the generated listing in index.html. The following files are always ignored by default: _header.html, _content.html, index.html, desktop.ini

When you run the program and start the indexing process, the path to the root folder, as well as the specified Base URL for the website, is saved to foldersweb.json in the same directory as foldersweb.exe, and these settings are loaded back in, when Folder’s Web is started again at a later time.
After processing is complete, Folder’s Web uploads anonymous usage information regarding the files that were generated, so that we can analyze the usage of the program, and improve the program’s performance. If you do not wish to upload these usage statistics, you can add Folder’s Web to your firewall, to prevent internet communication to our server. No functionality, except the automatic latest version check, will be affected if you disable internet connectivity for Folder’s Web.